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24th Sep, 2010

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Jam Cake!

so i usually don't post here, because as much as i love to bake, 99% of the time everything i make doesn't come out looking pretty!
this time i lucked out and figured i'd document it to share it here!

i baked this for my mom's birthday this past tuesday! we're having trouble with the oven, so perhaps that's why it looks a bit too brown on the top, so taking into consideration that the topping is made out of walnuts, i'm sure if your oven isn't completely lame yours should look a lighter shade.

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4th Oct, 2010

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I got this amazing sponge from Tokyu Hands in Tokyo last year, I wish I knew somewhere in the UK that sold stuff like this! All their homewares were totally amazing, Hello Kitty bento sets etc...

I've still never used it, I love it too much :3 Yay kitchenalia!

20th Aug, 2010

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8th Aug, 2010

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lemon loaf

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i made this last night and it's super moreish! not too sweet, just lovely :)
i've actually eaten so much today i feel a bit sick, whoops.

8th Jul, 2010

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hi everyone, i've noticed (again!) that we have some new members so i'd like to say first, welcome! please feel free to post some recipes or projects you're working on, it's great people keep joining but it'd be even great-er if people participated!

i've been accumulating stock to sell in my space at a vintage shop i also show my photographs at, my kitchen is looking a bit manic....
some of it is so lovely i don't want to sell it, haha. melamine bowls and teacups, my favourites.

28th Jun, 2010

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i'm a huge noob at sewing, the only things i've made successfully are little drawstring bags (like this one, above) and a small stuffed rabbit called colin. this was my first attempt at appliqué and i'm quite pleased with it! i thought the wash line was appropriate for a peg bag.

i really enjoyed appliqué-ing, it's neat how easy it is to customize stuff to make it appropriate/personal. i'm going to try make a tea cosy next.

21st May, 2010

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guess what i made!

cherry pie of course!Collapse )

so delicious! i had mine warm from the over with a splash of cream.

i've jazzed up the layout slightly, hope it looks good on everyones screens. we've gained a few more members but it'd be nice if there was a bit more action so please promote to friends you think may be interested!

16th May, 2010

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Almond Vanilla Bean Shortbread

I'd been craving vanilla lately. Specifically vanilla bean. I also had a bad of ground almond in the pantry that I have done anything with since I bought it a few months ago. Thus a random recipe was born. A delicious recipe. Seriously, you need to be careful with these cookies as it is entire possible to eat the whole batch in a day.


1 c high quality unsalted butter, very soft
1 tbsp sea salt
1/4 tsp rose extract
2 tbsp of vanilla bean paste or 8 beans scraped

- Mix on high speed until very fluffy

1/2 c light brown sugar
1/2 c white sugar

-Add to mix and beat on high until creamy and fluffy

1 1/3 c all purpose flour
1 1/3 c almond flour (ground almonds)

- Add flours in 3 batches and mix lightly before adding the next batch. DO NOT OVER MIX! Once dough has come together in a just slightly crumbly dough store in fridge for 30 min.

- Pre-heat oven to 350'F. Take dough out of fridge and roll into 1 inch balls and space evenly on tray. Take a glass with a nice decorative bottom and dust in with a mix of flour and sugar. Press the dough balls into disks with this. Bake at 350'F for 30 minutes of until golden browm around the edges. Try to let cool before devouring.

The one bad thing in that these get stale fairly quick, so freeze or eat with in two or three days (which is what I did.) Sadly I have no pictures as they were eaten too soon. But they come out a lovely pale golden color loaded with vanilla bean pieces. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did! :D

23rd Apr, 2010

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I saw these gorgeous swallow mats in the vintage shop I volunteer in and just had to get them! Anything with a sailor/tattoo motif is something I need in my house, haha.

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1st Apr, 2010

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I'm attempting to have a spring clean, I'm going to try eBay some stuff, take a few things to the charity shop, and generally have a bit of a clearout. It's my birthday around Easter too so I always have an extra incentive to get rid of some stuff; make room for anything new I may recieve!

Any spring cleaning tips or tricks? I quite like using Shake n Vac, but only very lightly... the smell can be overpowering! But a small amount really freshens up a room.

16th Mar, 2010

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welcomes & tripe choc cookies

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i notice we have a few new members, so welcome! please feel free to introduce yourselves or post a recipe, sewing project, or anything else you're into at the moment.

at the moment, i really want this sugar bowl. i'm sure anyone who's ever read the lemony snicket books (as i am currently re-reading) has a fondness for sugar bowls and the mysteries within... if you haven't read them though, that is just utter gibberish. but it's so pretty!

6th Mar, 2010

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mississippi mud pie!

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i'm going to try this one again because my housemate & i couldn't resist eating it before it was set and kind of ruined the full finished effect, haha. it's super sugary, could probably do without the syrup i think.

the recipe is from the hummingbird bakery cookbook, i'd give it.... 6/10 :)

24th Feb, 2010



Hi everyone :)

I'm a friend of Rosie's and stopped by to share something that I do which fits in with the theme of this community. I love baking but I rarely take pictures of my "creations" so what I'm posting about instead is sewing-related :D

Lately, I've started hand sewing little cozies for iPods and iPhones and things like that, and last month I opened up my own Etsy shop to put them up on to see if anyone was interested in buying them. In less than a month (my first month!), I've had 4 sales which I'm really chuffed about and it's so relaxing and fun making the cozies. I've given so many as gifts to friends and family already so that's also a good part of making them, too :D

Here are some pictures:

I called my shop Cover Up! Cozies and have about 14 cozies for sale at the moment, which you can see here if you're interested. It's just a really fun, productive way to pass the time. I'm aiming to make three cozies each week!

Not meaning this post to be an advertisement, just wanted to share... and perhaps see if any of the few members we have so far enjoys doing anything similar? Do you make any handmade/homemade things for your friends & family and if so what? :) Post pictures!

23rd Feb, 2010

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welcome :)

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